Our company was found in 2015 as a software development team but much has changed since then.

At the moment we don’t maintain big office, we don’t have many clients nor do we have a lot of projects to work on and that makes us feel much special.

We are a bunch of close friends and family who really care about each others and love to travel. We work on the ways and discuss through Slack to get our goals to success. We also maintain a great networks of reputable developers and companies that are willing to share the workload when we want to outsource some parts of our projects. If you’re keen on working with us, we could share with you this list of trust worthy resources as well.



Do what you love, and love what you do. We are passionate about the success of our customers, our employees, our consultants, and our communities. We have passion for encouraging innovation and bringing forth new ideas and solutions.


Treat one another with respect. Treating others with dignity and respecting all opinions and views not only fosters collaboration, but is the foundation of our one-team environment.


Conduct all dealings with integrity. We will not compromise on our high standards of professional ethics, honesty, and transparency in all interactions with our clients, suppliers, consultants, and each other.


Value uniqueness of people, cultures, work styles, and talents. Our diverse workforce is the key to our keen ability to understand, embrace, and serve our clients globally and domestically. As a diversity supplier, we enable our clients to also meet those objectives


Be the best, and give the best. We are committed to building leadership and talent that demonstrates and promotes excellence in what we do every day. We focus on the best service and results for our internal and external clients. We are always ready to innovate, embrace change, and evolve to reach new levels of excellence